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Raffaele Stelluti Scala

26, Fashion Designer, Milan - Italy

Milan, the capital of fashion! This beautiful, vibrant city is more than just a shopper's paradise. It is also a mecca for lovers of art, culture, architecture, design, and, of course, fine cuisine. Who better to introduce it all than fashion designer, Raffaele Stelluti Scala? Whose penchant for the quirky and eye for detail has made him an internet phenomenon!

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Hotel: Ostello Bello

4 Via Medici, 20123, Milano

I must have stayed at over 200 hostels on 5 different continents around the world and yet this one would have to be right up there on the list. I don’t know if it’s the great location, eclectic building, general vibe or great mix of people but you always feel like coming home here, wherever you come from.

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Bakery: California Bakery

4 Piazza Sant'Eustorgio, 20122, Milano

When in Milan, do as the Milanese do. And if there is one thing the Milanese love, it’s mixing different styles. That could be one reason why this authentic little piece of America bordering one of the oldest and most authentic squares in Italy, is such a big hit with the locals.

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Opening Hours
  • Monday-Friday 8.00am-12.00am
  • Saturday-Sunday 9.00am-12.00am

Concept store: Serendeepity

100 Corso di Porta Ticinese, 20123, Milano

You know that feeling when you go out looking for something really specific and end up finding something completely different but infinitely better? Serendeepity is my favorite place for getting side tracked. Music meets design meets art meets culture here at one of Milan’s first-ever concept stores.

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Opening Hours
  • Tuesday-Saturday 10.00am-8.00pm
  • Sunday-Monday 3.00pm-8.00pm

Eastpak Store

2 Galleria Passarella, 20122, Milano

It happens all the time! People come to Milan with one suitcase and then go shopping! If you’re stuck for luggage space or just want the latest designer backpack, you should go to the Eastpak Store in the Galleria Passarella!! Over 300m2 of bags, travel gear and accessories await you, from trendy staples to high-end designer collab collections, you’ll find the best of Eastpak right here.

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Opening Hours
  • Monday-Saturday 10.00am-8.00pm
  • Sunday 11.00am-8.00pm

Barber shop: Gum Salon

10 Via Vetere, 20123, Milano

From the classic leather barber chairs to the old backstage theatre mirrors… do not be fooled by the vintage interior at GUM Salon. The staff here are veritable avant-garde craftspeople, producing nothing but the most contemporary, cutting-edge styles.

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Opening Hours
  • Tuesday-Friday 11.00am-8.00pm
  • Saturday 10.30am-7.00pm

A vintage hairstyle never goes out of fashion! #fifties #hairstyle #gumsalon



Lunch: Tizzy's Bar & Grill

46 Via Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 20144, Milano

Besides her family, friends and home-delivered Chinese take out, the one thing Tizzy missed the most when she moved from New York to Milan was a laid-back place where you can eat well, drink even better, and just hang out… so she built it herself!

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Opening Hours
  • Monday 7.00pm-12.00am
  • Tuesday-Sunday 12.00pm-12.00am
  • Friday-Saturday 12.00pm-2.00am


5 Viale Col di Lana, 20136, Milano

You can feel the creative energy of this place the moment you walk through the door. Wok Store presents new ideas, artists and designers and judging by their ground-breaking exhibitions in art and fashion, this gallery is more than hitting the mark.

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Opening Hours
  • Monday 3.00pm-7.45pm
  • Tuesday-Friday 10.30am-2.00pm & 3.00pm-7.30pm
  • Saturday 10.30am-7.45pm
Piazza Vetra, 20123, Milano

Sometimes, there is simply no substitute for experience and know-how. And when it comes to choosing leathers and luggage, it’s good to know that Valigeria Vetra have been mixing quality merchandise with reliable service since 1962.

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Opening Hours
  • Monday 3.00pm-7.30pm
  • Tuesday-Friday 9.30am-1.30pm & 3.00pm-7.30pm
  • Saturday 10.00am-1.00pm & 3.00pm-7.30pm

Streetwear: Treesse Sport

18 Via Torino, 20123, Milano

Looking for the biggest collection of street wear brands under one roof? Whether you’re a skater, snowboarder or urban explorer, you will be amazed by the huge stock of almost everything imaginable. Take your pick!

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Opening Hours
  • Monday-Sunday 10.00am-7.30pm

Museum: Triennale

6 Viale Emilio Alemagna, 20121, Milano

Italy’s first-ever design museum suitably breaks a few boundaries of its own, showcasing not only contemporary design but also architecture, music and visual arts. Located inside Parco Sempione just a stone’s throw from Milan’s most historic edifice, Castello Sforzesco. A great place to come back to when you need inspiration!

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Opening Hours
  • Tuesday-Sunday 10.00am-8.30pm
  • Thursday 10.30am-11.00pm

Time for design. Some culture is always a good idea. #culture #seethrough #triennale


Aperitivo: Sofa cafè

7 Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 20143, Milano

You might have to fight off the locals for a spot on the sofa, but it will be well worth it if you succeed! This tiny but otherwise super cozy and comfy spot is the perfect place to relax in the center of Navigli. Get there in time for happy hour if you can.

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Opening Hours
  • Monday-Wednesday 5.00pm-2.00am
  • Thursday-Sunday 9.00am-3.00am

Restaurant: Taglio

10 Via Vigevano, 20144, Milano

Just in case you needed convincing that Italian food is the best in the world, Taglio will settle the matter once and for all. Somewhere between a restaurant, a meeting place, a factory, a workshop, a lab, a project… Taglio is an engaging starting point to any Milanese culinary adventure. Buon appetito!

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Opening Hours
  • Monday-Friday 8.00am-11.45pm
  • Saturday-Sunday 9.00am-11.45pm

Bar: Elita bar

5 Via Corsico, 20144, Milano

This crew is developing quite a reputation in Milan for good music and even better events. Which do go rather well with their fabulous cocktails and appetizing food. A young and fresh alternative venue near Navigli.

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Opening Hours
  • Tuesday-Saturday 5.00pm-2.00am

Nightlife: Eppol

7 Via Marcello Malpighi, 20129, Milano

Meeting up with old friends? Or looking to meet new ones? Either way, this is the place to be. More than just your average bar, Eppol by the Navigli offers that little bit extra in the form of great music and cocktails to guarantee a night to remember.

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Opening Hours
  • Monday 7.15am-4.00pm
  • Tuesday-Friday 7.15am-2.00am
  • Saturday-Sunday 9.30am-2.00am

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